Notice Both songs 'some thing 'bout that" and "claw?

2007-11-05 18:42:16 by DJSOS202

These Songs Were Made For Everyone To Spit Some Verses To Show Everyone How Someone Can RAP.......It Can Be A Diss Against Some One....Or Just Freestyle....What Ever......These Songs are Promotional ONLY!!

Cannot be used In A Album Or Cant Be Sold....Doing So Will Get You In A Sue...So Just For Fun....

(plz no collabs at this time.............)


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2007-11-05 22:16:18

Yo, just you wait till you hear what I'm spitting to Clawed.


2007-11-07 21:53:41

As a matter of fact... I got something different in plan for my track. I'm stepping down, gonna rock to beat that fits the mood for me dissing seraphik, lol.


2007-11-12 14:41:43

wrong submission


2007-11-20 18:45:14

hey man, hot tracks. you got a website or like a myspace??


2007-11-23 17:38:55

Back by popular demand from the UK touring circuit I made the dopest remix and diss AGAINST YOU! Check my page spanky