just saying.........

2007-07-30 16:40:42 by DJSOS202

if you want to add some vocals to one of my songs (or future songs) send me a private message telling me the title of the song you want to add vocals.........when vocals made upload the song with vocals



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2007-09-30 17:33:08

just making sure you got the message bout "percusion sandwich" all of it was my own some where modified loops so what


2007-10-10 21:04:21

Hmm... that's a nice offer. If I find something interesting, I'll send you a PM. ;)


2007-10-21 19:58:33

ayy man,, jus wonderin if u got my pm.
keep the beats comin homie, u a beast man!


2007-10-22 00:41:22

Good looking on the comment! thanks....!!!!!


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